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KC-02 with 3D Skeleton Body

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Checkout all the amazing Tapp Airsoft custom builds.
Built with passion, Tapp Airsoft custom builds are the epitome of performance and detail.

TappPack Pro x TappRack

The TappPack Pro is finally here. Accompanied by the NEW TappRack and a lot more great features, the TappPack Pro is the perfect fit for anybody looking for that all in one setup.

Shawn O. on 11/04/2018

“I needed a ton of ammo for my 1911 and the drum they produce is perfect. 10/10

Don S. on 03/11/2018

“Excellent Snag on the Drum mag for my M9 and KC-02!

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HPA Shotgun with Tapp M4 Competition Adapter