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We give everyone the opportunity to test new products before they’re released to the public. Here’s how to become a Tapp Airsoft beta tester.

We depend on feedback from our community to know what new products to focus on as well as how to improve our current products. By joining our beta program, you can take advantage of our newest technology before its public release.

How to become a beta tester

1. Start by buying any of the prototypes we have available on this page. As a thank-you for your feedback and support, we are offering our prototypes for sale at a discounted price.

2. Agree to the terms and conditions listed on this page. You will agree to them again at checkout.

3. When your product arrives, test it out! Use it! See how far you can push it. If you find any issues or have recommendations to improve the product please e-mail us using our beta feedback form.

4. Get the finished product that has been improved by your feedback. Beta testers will have the option to purchase the final revisions of our products at discounted rates when they are publicly released.

Beta Program Terms and Conditions

Our beta products are working prototypes. We recommend that you be proficient with Airsoft technology (assembling, disassembling, cleaning, and troubleshooting) before becoming a beta tester. To purchase any beta product you must agree to the following terms: • You are aware that this is a prototype product and is subject to change and revision. When purchased you will receive the current revision. • Beta products are prototype products. While we do our best to ensure full functionality, beta products may not operate at 100% functionality. • Returns or repairs are NOT accepted for beta products.


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