Day Walker


AMP Hybrid 6″ Slide Setup
AMP Blowback unit
AMP Magwell
AMP Trigger
AMP Stainless steel guide rod
AMP Stainless steel slide release
AMP steel mag release
AIP 140% spring set
UAC Buffers
Ninceball 6″ Tightbore
Custom Stippling
Hard Case
Cy-Capa Patch and Oil
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Airsoft masterpiece = AMP

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Daywalkers are half human-half vampires so they have all the powers of a vampire but none of their weaknesses, except their blood thirst. Blade is one of the only daywalkers in the vampire world, due to his mother being bitten while she was pregnant with him. Thus, he was granted the strength of vampires, such as speed, strength and durability, but no weakness to sunlight, silver or garlic. Drake (a.k.a Dracula) is the other daywalker, due to him being the genetic “father” of the vampire race, making him immune to the sunlight and stronger than any other of his species.