Amaterasu – The Solar Goddess


AMP gold infinity magwell
UAC Grey sculptor grip -Stippled
AMP Gold Stainless steel infinity mag release
AMP Leaf spring
AMP Gold Trigger 3 hole
AMP Advanced frame -Anodized Gold -Custom engraving
AMP Strayer Hybrid Infinity kit -Custom Comp Cut -Anodized Gold
UAC Gold Stainless steel hammer
AMP Steel hammer assembly
AMP Blowback unit
AIP Nozzle
AMP Brass Hopup Unit
Maple Leaf bucking
Maple Leaf 6.00mm tightbore
UAC Cocking Handle
AIP 140% recoil/Hammer spring set
AMP Buffer set

Airsoft masterpiece = AMP


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Amaterasu is a god in ancient Japanese myth and the Shintō religion. Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess, was born from the left eye of Izanagi when he performed the cleansing ritual after escaping the underworld.