KC-02 Threaded 3D Printed Spiral Outer Barrel


3D printed Nylon PA12 with threads and hopup end.
Thread: 14MM Negative (-14mm)
Professional installation recommended.
NOTE: product may arrive slightly warped. Once you insert the inner barrel the item will straighten out.

This item may take 3-4 weeks before shipping

Length in mm * (+$0.10)

Specify the length you would like the outer barrel to be. This is from the base of the barrel to the tip of the thread.
With a stock hopup, the inner barrel sits recessed by about 3.5mm. So if you own a 250mm Inner Barrel, a 250mm Outer Barrel will be the perfect choice as the inner barrel will sit just inside the tip of the threads.


Cerakote Color

Default is MJF Raw grey.

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Additional information

Weight10 oz
Dimensions14 × 1 × 1 in