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Ken’s Props 22LR Slide Set for Hi-Capa

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Front only: https://tappairsoft.com/product/kens-props-22lr-slide-set-front/
Rear only: https://tappairsoft.com/product/kens-props-22lr-slide-set-rear/

  • Ultra light weight design
  • 3D printed with Nylon PA12 SLS polymer
  • Fastest and lowest recoil slide on the market
  • Great for competition / speed builds
  • Designed by Ken’s Props

3D printed from high quality Nylon PA12, the Kens Props 22LR Slide Set is one of the fastest and lightest Hi-Capa slides on the market. With virtually no recoil and super-fast reset times this is the perfect slide for Hi-Capa builders looking to get an edge.

Default Colors: Raw MJF Grey
Cerakote Colors will add an additional 3-5 days to production.
Compatibility: Tokyo Marui, but can be fit onto WE-Tech, Armorer Works and other similar HiCapa Airsoft pistols (professional installation is recommended)

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