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KWA KZ61 Skorpion Mini HPA Drum Adapter


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KWA KZ61 Skorpion Mini HPA Drum Adapter Details

TAPP HPA Adapter

Use regular AEG mags in your GBB. Powered by High Pressure Air (HPA)

Pre-Built, Plug-and-Play, the Gas Blow Back HPA Adapter!

Concepted, Designed, Assembled, MADE in USA


– Use standard AEG magazines (M4, MP5, Drum, etc.) in your GBB platform

– HPA powered (Max 110 PSI, HPA kit not included:

– Advanced BB feeding/retention system to prevent wasting ammo and more mag compatibility

– Enlarged/shrouded mag release for faster reloads and protection

One-Piece Magazine-Adapter Design for better functionality and performance:

– Single stack BB flow from source to feed lip (No insert or double stacking)

– No connection between magazine and adapter (Less o-rings, better air seal)

– SLS Nylon PA12 material for lightweight durable construction

What’s included:

– The whole nine yards; Tapp adapters come fully assembled, no need to sacrifice an existing magazine for parts

– HPA Foster Fitting (US Spec, can be swapped for EU)

– Multiple gas route gaskets (swap and test for best adapter to nozzle air seal)

We don’t want our customers to make a mistake during installation, so we do it for you. Because of this, we include a 30-day warranty for the entire adapter.

We also offer lifetime support for technical issues and replacement parts (fees apply).

Compatibility: KWA KZ61 Skorpion Airsoft GBB SMG

30 Day Warranty + Lifetime Support

All Tapp Airsoft products include a 30-day warranty. We also offer lifetime support for technical issues and replacement parts (fees apply).



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