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KWA MP9 M4 Adapter


Lower Cerakote Color

Default is Grey, no Cerakote applied. Cerakote adds 7-15 days to production time.
*Drum Cerakote is only the front of the drum

None Graphite Black +$15 Bright White +$15 USMC Red +$15 NRA Blue +$15 Multicam Bright Green +$15 Magpul Flat Dark Earth +$15 Gold +$15

Extended Warranty

1-year US | 90-days International “No Questions Asked”

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Product Details


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KWA MP9 M4 Adapter Details

  • The Tapp M4 Modular Adapter converts your traditional gas airsoft gun to use HPA and accept standard M4 AEG magazines (super-feed mags recommended).
  • Modular design allows lower to be changed to different lowers. This makes the adapter interchangeable between M4, ARP, MP5, etc. (Lowers can be found here)
  • Gas magazine included and pre-installed with single stack mod to allow faster BB flow.
  • Friction-less BB stop allows smoother feeding and prevents BB loss while reloading.
  • Recommended 90-100 PSI.

Patent Pending

30 Day Warranty + Lifetime Support

All Tapp Airsoft products include a 30-day warranty. We also offer lifetime support for technical issues and replacement parts (fees apply).


1 review for KWA MP9 M4 Adapter

  1. Justin B.

    I bought one for my KWA mp9. Works beautifully. Feeds perfectly. Haven’t had any issues with the mag itself. My only issue i have right now it that the gun tends to dry out quickly from using air instead of the silicone in green gas. I’d recommend over lubing your gun or putting a few drops in the gas chamber of the mag before connecting the air line.

    Would also recommend the short mag for the mp9. The full size mag with the drum attached to the bottom is kind of unwieldy. Short mag is perfect.

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