Tappazine Mag Adapter



Note: Use WE Thread Hpa Taps

ECHO1 MP5 mag, hpa tap, gas mag not included.

Some products are made to order. Production takes 2-3 weeks.

Disclaimer: This product is shipped directly from Shapeways. If there is a manufacturing error please contact TappAirsoft@TappAirsoft.com. Once the HPA tap or gas magazine is installed onto the adapter the warranty is void. This product requires a 10-32 thread tap to pre-thread the adapter upon arrival, may contain powder that should be removed. Not compatible with CQB Russian HPA Taps. Single stack mod not included.

Professional installation recommended. Please do not attempt to install if you lack basic mechanical knowledge. Instead please purchase the complete tappazine here: Tappazine

Patent Pending


Include Tapp Titanium HPA Tap

Adapter will come with Tapp Titanium HPA tap pre-installed. This option is only available for US and Canada orders.

Adapter Color

Default Color: Black
May add 1-2 weeks to production time.

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Please be aware that some products are made to order and have production times up to 3-4 weeks. Dismiss