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WaCu Slick Silicone Lube


This silicone oil is built specifically for Airsoft use.

Comes in 3 different strengths/thicknesses for all your airsoft needs. Each style is even delicately scented. Shooting your gun has never smelt so good.

They are also individually colored. Presentation and performance are key.

Each of the following are ideal for:

Slim (transparent):

– Pistol Slides (Contact Surfaces)

– Gas Blowback Nozzles

– AEG Compression O-Rings

– Gas Blowback Rifle Bolts

Medium (yellow):

– Ideal for the majority of all Airsoft components

Thicc (black):

– Gas Blowback Magazine O-Rings

– AEG Gears

– AEG Pistons

– AEG Springs

– Gas Blowback Recoil Springs

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