“It will hose down everyone and reloading is no more an issue. It’s almost stupid how good this thing is.”

Austin R.
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“Ordered a KWA Vector electric drum mag from Tapp Airsoft and it arrived promptly in a couple weeks. (Their product is made to order so it can take longer as a heads up to those in a hurry). Customer service was great. Arren was extremely helpful and quick to respond (a day max but usually same day). I’ve now had their product for several weeks and I am extremely satisfied with it. For a gas user the constant need for gas, extra magazines, reloading, etc can be a pain for indoor cqb or outdoor skirmishes. This eliminates all of that on top of making your loadout only have to consist of an hpa tank. The drum itself works great. No issues (have only gone up to .30s so unsure of heavier bbs). I did experience slight jamming issues at first but later found out it was due to not cleaning the actual magazine as there was some grime or dirt that had gotten into the Vector short mag. I thoroughly enjoy this product and am an extremely satisfied customer of TAPP Airsoft. 5/5 easily.
Kevin V.
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“Just took this drum magazine out for a joy ride with my Mp7 in CQB games and man oh man. This is the best investment Ive ever made other than the power up suppressor I just bought for it. My Mp7 was enjoyable with my tapped mags at about 40 rounds in each mag but id fire off about 5 rounds before I knew where my BBs where traveling. This drum mag enables me to just run and gun and pelt areas waiting for an enemy to walk in my stream of endless fire. My Mp7 has never been funner to play with and with an HPA attachment I wont ever have to worry about green gas refilling and reloading is out of the picture. The feature with the pull cord is super easy to grab and pull to reset the spring tension on your BBs. All in all this has made my Mp7 such a fun gun to play with and Im looking forward to ordering more of these for my other guns."
Jacob G.
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“WE hi capa version. This product is amazing, with my custom we it will hose down everyone and reloading is no more an issue. It’s almost stupid how good this thing is. pro: 1500 rounds yet still feels light with .25 no feeding problems no need for chest plates or gear when you can just run around with a pistol and a bag battery lasts hella long lmg like fire power in a 3 pound package way more consistent with shots compared to green gas or c02 con: not a major issue but this thing can only use .28 or lighter. If you go any heavier there’s a bit of lag with shooting fast. Hpa runs out fast as hell on pistols or anything blowback so be prepared to refill a lot if you’re running a pistol as a primary this is the best thing to add to your gun.
Branden Y.
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“I have ordered multiple drum mags for various guns from TAPP directly and Evike. One Hi-Capa mag from TAPP worked perfectly on arrival, another one I ordered from TAPP had a slight leak and tightening the screw to the 3D printed part fixed it. The HPA valve is pretty close to the handle so enhanced magwell flares would have to be removed for the magazine to go in properly. Finally a short Vector mag I ordered from TAPP worked perfectly on arrival, no complaints. The only issue is the HPA valve sits right underneath the bottom plate where I liked to put my support hand.
Zach S.
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“So far so good with my first purchase of a complete drum mag for my KWA MP7! Chatted with the team via Facebook and they seem like great people. Very willing to help troubleshoot any issues you may be having with your product, and all around good customer service. Website is nice and I actually got my drum earlier than the estimated 2-4 week production time so that was a nice bonus. The Drum fed flawlessly during my first fielding of it and the air seal seems perfect, no audible leaks! Plus it’s pretty light too. I’ll probably be getting more into the GBBR world thanks to the Tapp Airsoft drums!
Shawn O.
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“I needed a ton of ammo for my 1911 and the drum they produce is perfect. 10/10
Don S.
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“Excellent Snag on the Drum mag for my M9 and KC-02!

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