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In 2014 we released our first product, the famous Tapp Triggers, which were the first paintball-style trigger in the Airsoft community. We followed up with the Tappazine and the Tapp Drum. Today we produce high quality 3D-printed products for HPA players.

At the same time as we were developing our own products, our team grew from 2 to over a dozen players and we started sponsoring other teams and players as well.

Today TAPP Airsoft is both a team and a company, proud to bring the latest in competition products and gear to the Airsoft community.


To deliver the most desirable airsoft products with uncompromising quality up to the finest detail.

We strive for continuous improvement and adhere to strict quality standards which represents the main principles in our daily work; to develop superior products through industry knowledge with customer satisfaction leading the way.


Design and produce the most useful, appealing, and innovative airsoft products for the world, with the purpose of exceeding expections on the field.

We produce appealing and reliable products based on quality targets, those include: producing functional and reliable parts while striving for excellent customer service. For these reasons, Tapp Airsoft continues to pave the way for professional and novice players, alike.