Cerakote Colors



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Graphite Black

Cerakote Graphite Black is a satin black. This color was developed for Crye Precision Multicam® Black.

Bright White

Cerakote Bright White is white with a light grey hue.

Prison Pink

Cerakote Prison Pink is a bright, rich pink.


Cerakote USMC Red is a bright rosy red.

Hunter Orange

Cerakote Hunter Orange is a rich medium orange that is commonly found as a safety color on hunting gear.

NRA Blue

Cerakote NRA Blue is a rich cerulean blue.

Blue Raspberry

Cerakote Blue Raspberry is an electric berry blue color. It’s a vibrant, yet soft color with eye-catching appeal. It reminds us of blue raspberry candies, but it won’t turn your tongue blue.

Multicam Bright Green

Cerakote MultiCam® Bright Green is a rich army green color. This color was developed for Crye Precision MultiCam® Tropic.

Corvette Yellow

Cerakote Corvette Yellow is a vibrant bright yellow.


Is it purple or is it pink? Can a color be soft and vibrant at the same time? We were perplexed, hence the name; Cerakote Purplexed. (By the way, the answer to both questions is YES.) Try it, you’ll love it!

Sniper Grey

Cerakote Sniper Grey is a very dark grey with a slight blueish tint.

Savage Stainless

Cerakote Savage® Stainless is a smoky grey with a fine silver metallic.


Cerakote Gold is a rich shimmering gold metallic.

Magpul Flat Dark Earth

Cerakote MagPul® Flat Dark Earth is a medium brown that is a shade darker than traditional Flat Dark Earth.

Burnt Bronze

Cerakote Burnt Bronze is a cocoa bronze highlighted by gold metallic.