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Hi-Capa Airsoft Platform

Tapp Airsoft is the First stop for aftermarket Hi-Capa parts and adapters.






Everything you need for your Hi-Capa Platform

At Tapp Airsoft, we’re committed to providing airsoft enthusiasts with the best possible products and services. Our extensive range of precision-engineered parts and accessories for the Hi-Capa platform ensures you can customize and enhance your airsoft experience to the fullest.

High-Quality Parts and Accessories

Our Hi-Capa selection includes:

Adapters: Options like the Hi-Capa M4 Adapter, Hi-Capa Shell HPA Adapter, and more.

Slides: Including Ken’s Props 5.1 Hi-Capa Speed Slide and Tapp Hi-Capa 4.3 Slide MK1.

Accessories: Such as skeleton grips, threaded pistol barrels, compensators, and thumb rests.

Expert Custom Builds

Our custom builds are crafted by a team of airsoft enthusiasts and are designed to meet your specific needs. Options include the Multicam series, Supreme MK1, Tranquility: Keeper of Peace, and more.

Join the Tapp Airsoft Community

We believe airsoft is more than a hobby—it’s a community. Tapp Airsoft strives to create a friendly, supportive environment for all players, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer.

For high-quality Hi-Capa parts, accessories, or complete builds, look no further than Tapp Airsoft. Join our community today and see why we’re the ultimate destination for airsoft enthusiasts.