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Tapp CutFace (V12 Only)


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Cerakote Color

Notice: 5-15 business days for Cerakote
Default color is MJF Grey (3D) or Black

Tapp Triggers are 3D printed from high-quality Nylon PA12. These triggers give the play the ability to “walk” the trigger, this allows for consistent fire-rates in semi.

To adjust the trigger pull simply file/sand down the slightly large trigger tail to the desired trigger pull. Professional installation is recommended. Modification may be required to fit in certain gearbox/fusion engines.

This trigger is intended to be used with a micro-switch. Warranty is void if used with standard trigger contacts.

We request that players respect their fields and other players by limiting their RPS to 10-15. This way the Tapp Triggers can be used for their intended purpose of suppressive fire.

Please be respectful to your field and other players, don’t abuse your power.

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