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Hi-Capa HPA Drum


Lower Cerakote Color

Default is Black, no Cerakote applied. Cerakote adds 7-15 days to production time.
*Drum Cerakote is only the front of the drum

None Graphite Black +$15 Bright White +$15 USMC Red +$15 NRA Blue +$15 Multicam Bright Green +$15 Magpul Flat Dark Earth +$15 Gold +$15

Extended Warranty

1-year US | 90-days International “No Questions Asked”

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Product Details


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Hi-Capa HPA Drum Details

TAPP HPA Adapter

Use regular AEG mags in your GBB. Powered by High Pressure Air (HPA)

Pre-Built, Plug-and-Play, the Gas Blow Back HPA Adapter!

Concepted, Designed, Assembled, MADE in USA


– Use standard AEG magazines (M4, MP5, Drum, etc.) in your GBB platform
– HPA powered (Max 110 PSI, HPA kit not included:
– Advanced BB feeding/retention system to prevent wasting ammo and more mag compatibility
– Enlarged/shrouded mag release for faster reloads and protection
One-Piece Magazine-Adapter Design for better functionality and performance:
– Single stack BB flow from source to feed lip (No insert or double stacking)
– No connection between magazine and adapter (Less o-rings, better air seal)
– SLS Nylon PA12 material for lightweight durable construction

What’s included:

– The whole nine yards; Tapp adapters come fully assembled, no need to sacrifice an existing magazine for parts
– HPA Foster Fitting (US Spec, can be swapped for EU)
– Multiple gas route gaskets (swap and test for best adapter to nozzle air seal)

We don’t want our customers to make a mistake during installation, so we do it for you. Because of this, we include a 30-day warranty for the entire adapter.

We also offer lifetime support for technical issues and replacement parts (fees apply).

Compatibility: WE-Tech, Tokyo Marui, Armorer Works, Novritsch SSP1/SSP5 and other similar Hi-Capa Airsoft pistols.

30 Day Warranty + Lifetime Support

All Tapp Airsoft products include a 30-day warranty. We also offer lifetime support for technical issues and replacement parts (fees apply).


3 reviews for Hi-Capa HPA Drum

  1. Adrian R.

    Purchased Hi-Capa model from Tapp them self since it’s out of stock here. Outstanding product. It’s lightweight and easy to use, no issues so far. Forget about reloading when you have this bad boy. 1500 bb’s and you’re good for 6 hours of speed soft. Highly recommend to anyone curious about how good they are.

  2. jacob G.

    WE hi capa version. This product is amazing, with my custom we it will hose down everyone and reloading is no more an issue. It’s almost stupid how good this thing is.

    1500 rounds yet still feels light with .25
    no feeding problems
    no need for chest plates or gear when you can just run around with a pistol and a bag
    battery lasts hella long
    lmg like fire power in a 3 pound package
    way more consistent with shots compared to green gas or c02

    not a major issue but this thing can only use .28 or lighter. If you go any heavier there’s a bit of lag with shooting fast.
    Hpa runs out fast as hell on pistols or anything blowback so be prepared to refill a lot

    if you’re running a pistol as a primary this is the best thing to add to your gun.

  3. Gary C

    I order the Hi-Capa drum mag and I am impressed. Great seals and connections and good finish all round. Much lighter then expected too. Highly recommend

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