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Tapp Hi-Capa Shotgun Shell HPA Adapter


Power your Hi-Capa pistol with HPA and standard issue spring shotgun shells.

The Tapp Hi-Capa Shotgun Shell Adapter is the first of its kind. By redesigning the entire Hi-Capa magazine we can provide a compact and unique take on reloading.

We don’t want our customers to make a mistake during installation, so we do it for you. Because of this, we offer a full 30-day warranty for the entire adapter.


– Use standard Airsoft shotgun shells in your Hi-Capa pistol.
– HPA powered, we suggest 100-125 PSI.
– Extended Mag release for faster reloads.
– BB retention system to prevent wasting ammo.
– Shell ejecting. We use a dedicated plunger and compact spring to push the shell out when you press the mag release. No chance to fat finger the shell.
– CNC Aluminum feed lips. Like our other adapters, our Shotgun Shell Adapters feature Aluminum feed lips so they won’t degrade over time.
– Adjustable set screw for shell length adjustment. Not all shells are created equal, so an adjustable set screw allows you to fine-tune how far the shell can engage the feed lips.
– Line orientation screw (optional). Bias the direction of your hpa line to your liking to avoid collision with the mag release.

What’s included:

– The full nine yards; Our adapters come fully assembled, no need to sacrifice an existing magazine for the feed lips or outlet valve.
– HPA Foster Fitting (US Spec)
– 2x Shotgun Shells

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