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WaCu “Lil Snap” Hi-Capa Nozzle Spring


In stock

“Feeding has never looked so good”

Uprated nozzle springs are vital to allowing your airsoft pistol to feed every shot in your magazine, so of course I set out to make something that was optimal for Hi-Capas everywhere.

Introducing the “Lil-Snap” Hi-Capa Nozzle Spring. A strong reinforced steel spring paired with a slick gold coating to allow for the least friction possible. The nozzle spring is rated at approximately 150%.

The Lil Snap also features a unique and immaculate finish often seen in real firearm springs. This coating not only allows for a low friction cycling experience but also a beautiful and stylish aesthetic.

Each package contains 2 nozzle springs to ensure that no matter what happens, you’re covered.

For TM/KJ/WE/Other Hi-Capa GBB pistols.