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WaCu “Snappy Boi” WA M4 GBBR Recoil Spring


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WaCu “Snappy Boi” WA M4 GBBR Recoil Spring Details

One of the most key parts of a WA Spec GBBR is the recoil spring. This part alone can drastically effect reset, cycle speed, fire-rate on full auto, and efficiency.

The “Snappy Boi” has been created to perfectly balance between cycle speed and efficiency, making it highly sought for by most WA GBBR enthusiasts. This is a non-linear type spring to help enhance impulse for the shooter.

The Snappy Boi also features a unique and immaculate finish often seen in real firearm springs. This coating not only allows for a low friction cycling experience but also a beautiful and stylish aesthetic. This has been proven to decrease on excess noise made during the action.

Fits the following platforms:

– GHK M4 Variants (Not the GHK G5)

– VFC M4 Variants and the VFC 416

– G&P M4 Variants

– Vipertech M4 Variants (Not the VP7)

30 Day Warranty + Lifetime Support

All Tapp Airsoft products include a 30-day warranty. We also offer lifetime support for technical issues and replacement parts (fees apply).



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